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Let´s pretend for a sec..

Publicerad 2009-03-03 21:06:50 i Allmänt,

..that I am a poet..
Deep inside your soul
I need you more than you could ever know
But what can I do when you push me away
I do not want to let you go
But I wonder if I have to when I think of yesterday
You will allways be a part of me
And I will allways be a part of you
I just want you to look and tell me what you see
And this time I hope that you will see what´s true

Are you the one I search for?
It feels like my soul has left me
And I don´t know when it will return
To open my heart you must find the key
I need someone to make my light burn
If you are the one I searched for
If you are the song my heart sings
Then maybe I can unlock my door
You have to help me to repair my wings

Nu fick ni två helt nyskrivna dikter av mig, hoppas att ni tyckte om dom <3
De handlar inte om några särskillda personer, jag skrev bara det som kom från hjärtat

Gabriella Garpenhag


Postat av: Sandhya

Publicerad 2009-03-04 21:13:28

Jättefina dikter , båda två!

Bra jobbat!


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